Carmiel is waiting For YOU!



The city of Carmiel lies in the beautiful Galilee, surrounded by olive groves and overlooking spectacular views. Thanks to its magnificent location, many groups travel in the area and Carmiel has the potential to become a main tourist city.

The Ayalim Student Village in the city is already a tourist attraction, as many young groups come to learn and observe real-life Zionists: students who have left their home-towns and moved up to Carmiel, attempting to make a difference.

The Student Village was built in 2011 at the foot of “Alon Park”- an area formally known for the illegal activities taking place in it. These activities have disappeared completely since the establishment of the Village and the whole area has been cleaned up.

Ayalim’s Student Village in Carmiel has come up with a new building project, with the purpose of
enabling visiting groups to gain a richer, more complete experience, expanding Carmiel’s educational and cultural scene.


To create a platform on which educational and cultural experiences can flourish, enhancing tourism in the city and in its area. To create an Educational Center run by the Ayalim Students, incorporating values of Zionism, teamwork and activeness, enhancing connections to the land and to the people.


To make use of the beautiful “Alon Park” situated behind the Student Village and transform it into an Educational Center:

  1. To build an ODT structure. ODT (“outdoor training”) is a type of educational activity stressing teamwork and personal strengths.
  2. To build a small “amphitheater”, with a stage and a portable screen, for cultural activities.
  3. To build an area for outdoor sleeping.
  4. To build an outdoor kitchen, for groups staying overnight.

Being able to host groups overnight would be a significant step in developing northern Israel. It will expand our activity enabling us to reach more groups showing them Zionism in the 21st century. Also, it will provide our guests from Israel and abroad with a much more meaningful and comfortable (!) experience.


With your support, together we can take that step and help northern Israel reach its huge potential.

Be a part of implementing this incredible plan, be a part of putting your dream into action!


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