Welcome to Motel Suzanne!

Many Ayalim Students, after completing their academic studies, wish to continue living in Israel’s periphery and set their lives permanently in these remote regions which have become their new homes. Despite their idealistic spirit and good will, Israel’s periphery severely lacks rentable housing, forcing these young idealistic individuals to move back to their hometowns in Israel’s center upon graduating…

The Ayalim Student’s of the Kiryat Shmona Village decided to take matters into their own hands !
The energetic students of Kiryat Shmona managed to turn a local old, rustic, abandoned motel into a beautiful housing complex designated specifically for Ayalim Alumni who wish to stay in the Galilee after finishing college.

With the help of the Negev and Galilee Development Ministry together with many other generous friends of Ayalim, the city of Kiryat Shmona and the whole Galilee region celebrated last week with the inauguration of “Motel Suzanne”- the new low cost housing complex for young Ayalim Alumni!

The Minister of National Infrastructure Energy and Water and of Negev and Galilee Development, Mr. Silvan Shalom, attended and spoke at the occasion: “We have cracked the code of creating fast, low cost housing for young Israelis. These young people bring with them a fresh spirit, as they integrate and socially contribute to the community. We continue to promote housing solutions across the Galilee, alongside strengthening the local communities.”


The new housing complex will be home to 50 new tenants, all alumni of Ayalim! These new tenants will continue to lead educational, social and cultural activities with the local community, strengthening the communities as well as their roots in Israel’s north.

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