The Ayalim Association was established in 2002 to undertake the critical challenge of community building and social development in the Negev and the Galilee. The organization was designed to revive the pioneering model of trading platform settlement and development. The movement consists of young people, driven by Zionistic values working together to revive the Zionist ideal in a way fit for the 21st century. The association promotes educational values of Zionism, creating innovation in disadvantaged areas while fostering values of Judaism and social activism.

These goals are implemented through the establishment of student villages and alumni compounds as a base for social involvement towards permanent communities in Israel’s periphery.

The Ayalim Project is defined as a national project, which has been validated at four different governmental resolutions.

The association’s activity is based on our student’s 300 hours of voluntary work annually. With 1,230 students residing in Ayalim student villages, we reach 24,000 hours every year of voluntary work.

Ayalim offers an all-inclusive solution for the younger generation of Israeli society. This solution is given by solving the housing shortage difficulty, reducing social gaps and offering more cultural events within these disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Ayalim students are exposed to Israel’s social-geographic peripheries while discovering their great potential and taking action in their community. By doing this, we are gradually creating a significant social, economic and demographic change.

Activity Layout creation

Since its conception, Ayalim has built 22 compounds which include student villages, Alumni compounds and new communities of families, containing over 1,000 people who are truly committed to the development of the Negev, Galilee and Lod.


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