Adiel (Ashalim)

Ashalim is a small communal settlement 35 km south of Beer Sheva, belonging to the Ramat Negev regional council. The local population is slowly aging, while local initiatives as well as resources do not nearly fulfill the demands of the local population.

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Ayalim’s founders established the very first Ayalim village in 2002, by building a one single caravan on a remote land in the middle of the dessert. Since then, new vibes has been introduced to the area and the Adiel community has grown and now is home to 60 students; singles, couples and families, living in eco-mud brick homes that were built by Ayalim students – for future Ayalim students.

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To date, our students lead new initiatives in educational fields, while invigorating the cultural scene as well as boosting the concept of young settlement in the Negev’s periphery. The village became an increasingly integral part of the community’s educational and cultural fabric. They operate the afternoon school activities and enrichment, volunteer at “Ruach Bamidbar” an alternative detention institution, operate a community agricultural garden and organize cultural events for the benefit of the local community.

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Student Activity:
‘Hebrew Labor’ and Neighborhood Refurbishing-Students initiate “Pioneer Work Days” with local residents, enabling the renovation and renewal of public spaces and buildings in their local environment together with the empowerment of local leadership.
They later lead educational and cultural activities in the communal areas, renewed by them and local residents. The mutual work and cooperation build strong ties between them and the local population, creating familiarity and a sense of “home away from home”. Our greater goal is that these students at the end of their academic period will choose the Negev as their permanent home base.

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Social activism Programs; One on One mentoring, afternoon enrichment activities and cultural initiatives -Students are required to volunteer within the community for a total of 4 hours per week in educational fields. Ayalim students lead and develop the after school activities, allowing kids to have enrichment in a peripheral area, where the options are limited.


In addition, Ayalim students organize an annual ‘Farmers Market’, where residents from all over the area come to the Ashalim Village to sell their products. The students organize local events such as regional parties and lectures. Therefore providing cultural content and opportunities for students as well as local youngsters residing in the Ramat Negev area.

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