Alumni Compounds

Sowing the seeds towards new communities:

Ayalim Association foresees the Negev and Galilee as Israel’s remaining lands for development within the consensus. The flagship program of the association deals with the establishment and settlement of these areas through the actions of the student villages.

These villages serve as social hubs, facilitating a shift in opinions regarding the importance and attractiveness of these regions in Israel today. Through the social and cultural activity framework, our students relive the models of settlement and Zionist action while enjoying the cultural scene of the 21st century.


  1. To create new community groups from our student villages and other young adults living in these regions.

Project Components

  1. From individuals to a group—to create a structured process with the goal of transforming the individuals to a group. The process includes social events (meet and greets), shared days of work, training, and activities ODT, and consolidation activities.
  2. Transforming the group to an oriented task group —all activities are focused on local needs and national missions. Therefore transforming a group of students into a united ‘task force’ providing social meaning and effectiveness. Constant activity throughout the year contributes largely to these individuals and their surroundings.
  3. From a task group to a new community —Necessary institutions are set within the group, creating a community in the process of settlement.


At least 30% of the association’s alumni have created settlement groups upon the conclusion of their academic studies.


Kityat Shmona: The Youth Compound—Motel Susan

The youth compound at “Motel Susan” serves as proof that the creation of core communities, ready to settle in the Galilee, is a successful outcome of the Ayalim student villages in Kiryat Shmona. The motel is currently home to a diverse group of residents, including young locals, students, post-graduation couples, and freshly started families. The Motel provides the perfect place for the next step, continuing the work of the student village. Offering social and cultural events throughout the year, it is the perfect place for our graduates to continue their activism in bettering Kiryat Shmona.

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