Despite urban planners’ intentions for Arad to be one of Israel’s great ‘new cities’ of the 1960’s, Arad’s high hopes have seen better days. Once a destination for Israeli intellectuals and artists, today much of Arad’s young population has immigrated to the country’s Center. The massive demographic changes and low socio-economic status depress the city’s growth and potential even with all of its fascinating cultural diversity, unique weather and architectural innovation.

In 2012, Ayalim students renovated 16 apartments from an abandoned absorption center for new immigrants. Twenty highly motivated students moved into the building and established a Family Center, a Greenhouse and a pub with the hopes of turning around Arad’s negative youth emigration. Students focus on youth activities throughout Arad but plan special events and festivals within its inner-city neighborhood that include renovating public areas, second-hand fairs and memorial ceremonies.Read More

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