Building Projects

The Ayalim Association has established 14 Student Villages in communities throughout Israel’s peripheral Negev and Galilee regions. Every year, twice a year, 700 students and pre-army volunteers come together to build and renovate Ayalim’s Student Villages and young communities with their own hands. Most of the Student Villages are built within existing communities such as the development towns of Yeruham, Dimona, and Ofakim with the aim of strengthening their social and educational reputation. Additionally, Ayalim has recently built its own settlement in the middle of the Negev known as Shizaf.

Ayalim continues to grow and expand as the demand for affordable housing and social action rise throughout Israel and especially in the periphery. In the spring of 2013, Ayalim students gathered together in Ben Gurion’s desert home of Kibbutz Sde Boker to build its newest community for young families to continue the task of settling the Negev. Not far down the road in Mitzpe Ramon, Ayalim is already laying the groundwork for its next young community.

If you’re curious what 700 students building the Negev looks like,
Check out our song and dance!

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