No rocket will stop us building Sderot

Lets brighten Sderot’s Future: chille_example

In two months our students (at the first step approximately 100 and in a year they will reach an estimated 300), aged 19-30, are going to move and live in Sderot in shipping containers…

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Ayalim has been building student villages throughout Israel’s periphery in the Negev and Galilee for more than a decade now, at last we will reach out to Sderot and build a village in the city of Sderot! 

The Sderot village is being built in a very creative and innovative method that will allow us to complete the village construction in a few months with a relatively low budget. The village is being built from shipping containers. Here are some examples taken from similar projects around the world.

Containers that look like this:


Are going to look like this:


Ayalim village in Sderot illustration


Ayalim village in Sderot illustration


Ayalim village in Sderot illustration

And eventually it will look more or less like this (some examples from the world of how it looks at the end):




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3,000 hours of volunteer work for the children and seniors of Sderot

The students that will move to live in Sderot will give new hope to this beaten city, they will infuse it with young and vibrant energy. And they will do more than that!

Each student will volunteer 10 hours per week with children, youth and seniors in Sderot, which means that eventually 3,000 hours per week will be given to the residents of Sderot – from our experience it will transform the city in many ways. Just imagine hundreds of enthusiastic young Israelis going through the city for 10 hours every week and “renovating” whatever is needed – physically, socially and educationally. 

We will not Break – We will Build

By building a new student village in Sderot and bringing hundreds of young adults to live in Sderot, we will not  only be giving an “energy boost” and renewed hope to this city, we will also send an important message: We do not break, we build.

Hundreds of young adults, ideologists, enthusiastic pioneers as a beacon of hope to Sderot

The building has already started and the village will be ready this coming  October (2014), it will house  undergraduate students and gap-year volunteers. But, we want to do so much more, and we will. 

You can take part

While the shipping containers are being transformed into houses we are trying to secure the funds for the equipment for each apartment (beds, sofas, tables, working desk, air conditioning, etc.) The cost to fully equip an apartment is 3,500$. We are sure that with you we can equip all the apartment and provide the students the best place to live in while they are transforming Sderot into the best place in the south!

Thank you for joining us in building Israel!

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Visiting Israel? You have to come and see this wonder with your own eyes! Contact us (or just reply to any of our newsletters) and we would love to show you the Sderot village or any one of our Southern villages or Northern villages.

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