How it all Started



Founded in 2002, The Ayalim Association began as the dream of five young Israelis, recently released from their army service, who envisioned Israel’s next generation in the Negev. They pooled their meager release funds together to purchase a trailer in the remote desert Moshav of Ashalim and there planted the seeds for a national movement to grow.

Ayalim’s founders recognized that the Zionist ethos that had guided Israel’s founding generation and supported its next generation to defend it, was still calling the Israeli youth of the 21st century to work. They saw the critical need for inspiring Israel’s youth to action and strengthening the struggling communities of the country’s geographic and social periphery overlooked by public attention.

Established at the time of the second Intifada, two of their friends, Eyal and Yael, were intending to build their young family in the Negev when they were killed in a terrorist attack. The organization ‘Ayalim’ is an honor to their name and their pioneering vision.

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