Lod is one of the most anciant cities in the world, which historically had been a center of economic and social flourishing. Today, the mixed Jewish-Arab city, located only 15 km southeast of Tel Aviv, suffers from low socioeconomic status, high crime rates, violence and internal disputes between the muti-cultural citizen (secular and religious Jews, Christian and Muslim Arabs alongside immigrants from different countries). Due to this negative atmosphere, Lod was determined as a “city in risk”; a negative reputation that contributed to the negative emigration of young high-quality young people away from Lod.

Lod is in neither the Negev nor the Galilee (it is located in the center district of Israel), However, it is far from the Center’s prosperity and persists in a reputation that rivals other peripheral communities in its low socio-economic status and poor image.

Mabey this is the reason why Among Ayalim’s student communities, Lod is like no other.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGJeYfkBdvg     סרטון איילים בלוד

Ayalim villages in Lod are located in two neighborhoods; The Banim Village is located in the ‘Sharet’ disadvantaged neighborhood, and the Herzl Village is located in the city center. Since 2011, our students volunteer, creating educational and cultural programming for the children of the city, adolescents, women, individuals with difficulties, and make a difference in the lives of thousands on a daily basis.

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