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Our Leadership Program
All student’s social activity is monitored and supervised by the Village Leader, together with Ayalim’s regional manager. The village leader is a student, who has been chosen to take part in Ayalim’s Leadership Program. This program’s main goal is to create the next generation of Israeli leaders from the student participants in the Negev and Galilee.

The program is designed for leaders from all Ayalim’s villages throughout Israel (in total 11 individuals) and is comprised of an enrichment program that teaches a deep understanding of critical issues in Israel as well as a hands-on volunteering practicum through the activities of the association. One of the main components of the leadership program is the Jewish Heritage unit, which includes the study of selected texts from Jewish Literary sources, thus creating a familiarity of Jewish Texts providing an educational basis for becoming a successful leader in Israeli society. In addition, the program aspires to strength the Jewish connection between Israel and the diaspora, while gaining a deep understanding of the Jewish heritage and Zionistic values.


Meet our student and future leaders of Israel:


Shalev Aharon , 27 – Ofakim student village leader

Shalev, originally from Bitha (a moshav in southern Israel, next to ofakim) is at his fourth and final year, studying for a BA in Economics and Management.

As part of his responsibilities as a village leader, Shalev is engaged in several volunteering activities such as volunteering in nursing homes, tutoring at risk youth and visiting “Aleh Negev” – a rehabilitation and care center for people with disabilities.

Shalev belives that the vision of Ofakim village is to develop culture and leisure time for young adults living in the southern area of Israel. His goal, is to keep the young population in the south and hopefully encouraging young people from all over Israel to come and stay in the Negev.


Keren khuri Dror, 25 – Karmiel student village leader

Keren is studying electrical engineering in Braude College and it’s her second year at Ayalim Karmiel village.

One of her favorite things at Ayalim is the annual convention in the middle of every year, when all Ayalim students unite in order to renovate a under-privileged neighborhood in Israel’s periphery.

Keren says that Engineering studies are far from being easy, but once you live in a united community, a village, surrounded by motivated and ideologic young people – everything seems to be possible.

For Keren, Ayalim is one big family of young people committed to change, Zionism and settlement.


Meitar Ben Artzi, 24Yachini student village leader

Meitar is originally from Moshav Bnei Darom and its her second year in Yachini student village. Apart from studying for her B.A in social work at Sapir College and being a village leader, she is in charge for the village leisure events, as the head of the village cultural committee. The committee activates the village pub every Wednesday for students and local residents, they conduct lectures and dialogue sessions on various subjects and organize Shabbat dinners for all the village.

Meitar says that the village is her home, and all the Ayaalim students here are  like a one  big family.

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