Pre army volunteers

Ayalim’s pre army volunteer leadership program is a one-year program designed for pre-army individuals, specifically high school graduates from all over Israel. This program exposes the volunteers to housing options in the Negev, in the Galilee and Lod prior to their army service, designed to create a meaningful and positive experience, which changes the way these areas are perceived by young people.

In addition, this is a year of transition from being high school graduates towards performing a meaningful army service. This being a critical phase in the process of forming personal identity and instilling the foundation of values and ethic within the volunteers. We believe that a year of action within the framework of Ayalim’s programming constitutes the optimal entryway into the “adult world”. The experience motivates these young volunteers to transform from civilian “consumers” into ‘creators’, ‘doers’ and innovative activists in every framework which they will belong to in the future.

Project Goals

  • To strengthen values such as Zionism, social responsibility, and mutual respect.
  • To encourage social engagement, love of the land, ‘Hebrew Labor’ and volunteering
  • To create a platform for innovation, social contribution, leadership and initiatives in developing a broad and comprehensive outlook to life.

Project components

  • To find and sort a team of 50 pre- army volunteers from all corners of Israel.
  • Forming individuals to a group—the integration process of the volunteers at the beginning of the year includes of an opening seminar, which deals with values such as Zionism, the importance of the Negev and the Galilee, Jewish, and Zionist Identity, and social dynamics; mostly geared towards group formulation, specifically task oriented.
  • Transforming the group to an oriented task group—throughout the year, the pre-army volunteers are involved in various activities, according to the needs of the municipalities. Each volunteer volunteers every morning and afternoon throughout the week. In addition, once a week in Ayalim’s framework all pre-army volunteers in each region work together on a central building project, renovations and “face-lifts” in one of the cities, where they are active. At the same time, the volunteers meet at bi-weekly meetings with their regional managers, mentors and other leaders.
  • From a task group to a new community—during the 3rd year we emphasize the importance of a meaningful military service. A military seminar including Zionistic content, core issue lectures and an end of the year educational field trip; this is all organized by the volunteers themselves—examining just how much their sense of independence has grown during the last year.

90% of the program graduates are drafted into a meaningful army service.

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