Project South


“Project South” (Darom Eitan): An initiative to encourage support for businesses that were negatively impacted by “Protective Edge” (Tzuk Eitan).

Ayalim  Association in cooperation with Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, like minded organizations and in conjunction with local authorities, announced the initiation of project “The Strong South”. The project aims at supporting local businesses and strengthening the local economy. “During this difficult time of emergency, our help is more important than ever.”

Due to the ongoing fighting in operation “Protective Edge” and the severe damage to local business in the south, “Ayalim” Association announced today (Wednesday), in cooperation with the Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and organizations and local authorities, on project “South Eitan”, which aims in strengthening the south and encouraging the local economy.


Buisnesses in the south are empty because of the war

The local authorities in the north of the country and the center volunteered to the initiative, as well as companies and organizations, including the Histadrut, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, the Jewish National Fund and Israel friends around the world (who support this project).

There will be established a reservoir of business, factories and companies operating in the south of the country, with the goal to expose them to the consumer in Israel and other countries, and encourage buying products from them. The official launch of the project will be held this Friday, at 11:00 in Ashkelon, with the arrival of hundreds of residents from the center and from the north in organized busses to do shopping in the town.

Buisnesses in the south are empty because of the war

Buisnesses in the south are empty because of the war

Every Friday organized busses will be available for the residence from all over the country who wish to take part in the project, the activity will continue at the end of the military operation, as much as required.

The Deputy Interior Minister, MK Faina Kirshenbaum, from the initiators of the project, said: “I believe that by doing this we will help business, companies and factories in the south of the country that were hurt as a result of the battle against the terrorist organisations. I see in the project a practical execution of mutual guarantees of the Israeli citizens to one another”.

Buisnesses in the south are empty because of the war

Buisnesses in the south are empty because of the war

‘In this emergency times, our recruitment is important even more”, said Nechami Geines, the CEO of “Ayalim” Association.  She said, “the solidarity and the assistance with the residence of the south not just in words, but also in actions, is what strengthens our national and economical immunity, and I invite everybody to join”.

 “Project South” is possible thanks to the support of our amazing friends around the world – friends like you. Join now:

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