Rebuild War-Torn Sderot

The Southern city of Sderot is located less than a mile from the Gaza Strip.  Since the outbreak of the Second Intifada in October 2000, the city has been under constant rocket fire from terrorist factions in Gaza.  As a result, Sderot’s economy suffers, unemployment is high and the average salaried employee brings home an income of barely $17,000 a year.

Over the past week we have been involved in a new community-based initiative to help rebuild the city.  The goal of this past project was to help fix damaged buildings and streets that were struck by recent rocket barrages, renew public gardens and of course – help with our ongoing project of building a new student village to help rebuild the city from within! (Read more about this important project here.)

As part of our effort this week, nearly 1000 of our students joined together for intensive work week to paint, dig, fix, and clean in order to boost the city’s morale and help to move past the damage and destruction that these citizens continue to face daily over the past 14 years.

Your support continue to enable us to strengthen the communities in Israel like Sderot that are most in need of our help.  

These initiatives help to brighten the physical landscape but our mere presence also helps to deeply strengthen morale.  We are able to show the people of these communities in need that they are not forgotten.  We are happy to show them that they are supported by friends from both near and far!

Your further support will help us to continue with these important projects! 

Here are some pictures from this week’s efforts:

Working together with local community members to help clean and beautify local parks and gardens!


Working cab be fun!

Nearly 1000 young adults, Ayalim's undergraduate students joined forces for intensive work week

Nearly 1000 young adults, Ayalim’s undergraduate students joined forces for intensive work week


After a hard day work, taking a break to meet Yair Lapid who came to visit and congratulate us

Lets join forces and make Sderot as beautiful as it should be! 

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