Supporting Israel’s South and North

Ayalim believes in partnership!

Your support towards Ayalim’s activity enables our students to make a sustainable change in the communities where we operate; and to impact the lives of children, youth and adults within that community. Support from our partners, both near and far, allows our students to devote the time and energy to improve the lives of their neighbors in by providing educational, social and motivational mentorship for those who need it most.

Supporting Ayalim has a double line – you help a student in Israel get a degree, and a child in Israel’s periphery get an education by the most motivated and educated young people in the country. Actually, the bottom-line is a triple one: many of our students, after living in the periphery through their college years, fall in love with the place and decide to remain in the Negev and Galilee – thus creating a sustainable change in the entire region.

We invite you to come visit our villages and join us in our efforts to create a better future for the Negev, the Galilee and the State of Israel.
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