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Interested in visiting a Student Village and discovering 21st century Zionism in practice? We’ll arrange a tour for you at any one of our 12 Student Villages scattered throughout the Negev and Galilee.


Choose from several tour options for your visit:

Option One – Get to Know the New Pioneers

(1 hour)

Visitors will discover the ins and outs of the Ayalim student life in Israel’s periphery (in the Negev & the Galilee), hear the students’ personal life stories and learn firsthand what the experience of living in the periphery looks like.

While visiting one of our villages,  visitors will witness Ayalim’s activities through an encounter with the students. In this personal and face to face visit, our guests will discover the challenges and victories of those who left the comfort of their homes to lead a life dedicated to making Israel an even better place.

The visit will start with a short tour through the Student Village in which Ayalim’s vision and activities will be explored. During the tour, visitors will see how the village interacts with and helps to strengthen its surrounding communities. The tour will end with a short movie about Ayalim and a Q&A session.

Option Two – Join us for a Meal

(2 hours)

After the basic tour is finished, visitors can sit down for an intimate meal to get to know our students and experience the village life of their hosts. Visiting groups will have the opportunity to personalize their encounter with the student community and learn firsthand what living in the periphery looks like from the everyday perspective.

Visitors and students will sit down for an authentic, high quality, homemade feast. Students and visitors will sit in mixed tables to allow an open and candid conversation to flow between them. This is will give each the opportunity to discuss with one another the Negev’s challenges, Ayalim’s activities, Zionism and pioneering.




Option Three – Cook with Us

(3 hours)

After the basic tour, visitors can join our students to cook together an authentic Israeli dish -Shakshuka! Taking part in a shared cooking activity fosters a deeper connection between the village’s students and visitors and encourages the kind of active communal atmosphere that makes every village tick!

Through this unique and personal encounter, visitors will obtain an intimate understanding of life in the Israeli periphery (in the Negev & the Galilee) and will experience an important part of living in a community.

Option Four – Let’s Brainstorm!

(2 hours)

After the basic tour, everyone will split into small groups (4-6 persons per group) and Ayalim students will raise a topic they face as a day-to-day challenge. This could be related to living in a specific community, working with children in distress or even the work involved in creating a profit center in the village.

Each group will brainstorm and try to find new solutions to old challenges. This is an exceptional opportunity to experience the periphery and community challenges that students are facing on a daily basis. It also encourages the periphery’s residents and visitors alike to offer out of the box ideas which can make a difference.


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