Yachini is an Orthodox moshav in southern Israel that was founded in 1950 by Jewish immigrants from Yemen. Its located in the northern Negev desert near the town of Sderot, it falls under the jurisdiction of Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council.

Established in 2006, the Ayalim Student Village in Yachini was built with the goal of strengthening this area’s communities by focusing both on its youth and elderly populations. Ayalim Student Village in Yachini is involved with communities who face the duel problems of severe socio-economic distress as well as the continual threat of life within rocket range.

Today, the village is home to 40 students from Sapir College and a group of pre-army volunteers. There are also 8 residents with disabilities living in the village, as part of a partnership with Gvanim association, an Israeli organization working to integrate students with disabilities into everyday student life. In order to accommodate these students, Ayalim made the village wheelchair accessible.
All the village residents are an active part of the community – taking part in cultural activities, celebrating holidays, having Shabbat dinners and volunteering with the local community.

Much of the Yachini’s elderly lack points of access to greater Israeli society. Ayalim students have started programs that focus on integrating and educating this population to better navigate through 21st century Israeli life. Like all Ayalim villages, students in Yachini operate an after school enrichment and tutoring programs for the loacl children and give special attention to children and youth in the community.

Yachini students work in nearby Sderot where many of them study at Sapir College. There, the students focus on integrating their social activities with local youth and together work on developing the Western Negev as a cultural destination.

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